People enjoying the fake snow bubbles released outside Tanglin Mall.

Christmas in Singapore is a big celebration that gives us all another excuse to do what we love most—Eat and shop.

Orchard Road – Singapore’s most famous shopping belt –  lights up with festive décor and illumination every December, and serves as a sparkling reminder to hit the malls and indulge in shopping sprees.

Meanwhile, Christmas spreads and Yuletide menus pop up at restaurants across the island, giving a festive twist to an already impressive dining scene.

People queuing up at the booths and eating at the tables in the Christmas Village.

It’s not all indulgence though.

At its heart, the holiday is still a special day for Christians in Singapore, who attend Christmas service in commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s a religious celebration like any other, and regardless of your religious beliefs, everyone gets to take part in the fun of frolicking in artificial snow, men in Santa suits and of course, Christmas presents!

What's Unique

A Christmas feast, Singapore style

As one would expect from Singapore’s melting pot of different cultures and religions, Christmas in our city comes with its own unique Asian twists. Family get-togethers and bouts of feasting are common, and traditional dishes like turkey tend to get a good dose of local flavour, with Asian seasonings and herbs such as ginger and chilli.


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